Posted by: hjelen87 | November 20, 2012

Every Mile a Memory: A Decade of Running Statistics

This past September marked the 10-year anniversary of when I started logging my running.  When I started, I was a 15-year-old high school sophomore in South Dakota.  I am now a 25-year-old 3rd year law student in Washington, DC.  Running has been my constant throughout these past 10 years.  Below are some interesting statistics about my past decade of running.

Number of races run: 234

Number of races won: 21

Number of miles run: 15,186.91

Average miles per day: 4.16

Longest single run: 14 miles (2/26/12)

Highest mileage day: July 16, 2008 (15.68 miles between 2 runs)

Highest mileage week: Week of August 21, 2006 (71.61 miles)

Highest mileage month: August 2006 (293.68 miles)

Highest mileage year: 2009 (1,897.10 miles)

Percentage of races I set PRs in: 82/234=35%

Number of states raced in: 12 (+ DC)  (California, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, Virginia, Wisconsin)

Lowest temperature run: -21 degrees, -40 windchill (1/15/09, Arden Hills, MN)

Highest temperature run: 98 degrees (7/4/12, Falls Church, VA)

Pairs of shoes: 32 (4 pairs of spikes, 2 pairs of racing flats, 24 pairs of Saucony Hurricane trainers, 2 pairs of other trainers)

Race distance that I’ve run the most: 1500/1600/mile (72 races)


*800m: 2:13.76 (5/14/09)

*1000m: 3:00.43 (2/23/08)

*1500m: 4:31.35 (5/23/09)

*Mile: 4:58.37 (3/6/09)

*3000m: 10:45.44 (2/6/10)

*3000m steeplechase: 11:50.00 (4/4/09)

*4k: 15:39 (10/8/05)

*5k: 18:47 (11/24/11)

*6k: 22:13.43 (10/17/09)

*10k: 39:36 (11/13/11)

*10 miles: 1:05:43 (10/9/11)

*Half-marathon: 1:33:31 (3/17/12)

Unforgettable memories that running has brought me: innumerable



  1. This is so wonderful – wish I had done that! You’re a running rockstar! 🙂

  2. I love this post! Those are some fantastic numbers there. I love all the bibs!

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