Posted by: hjelen87 | September 20, 2010

Divin’ In

study time

A couple of weeks ago I was trying to make plans to get together with a friend, and I remember saying “sorry, this week is crazy, but next week will be better.”  Turns out the following week was just as crazy, and it’s not letting up anytime soon!  One big thing, and a lot of smaller things have been taking up my time lately.  The big thing was our first major assignment, a legal memo, which was due today.  In most of our classes in law school, the entire grade for the semester depends on the final exam-there are no little assignments on the way.  We have one midterm, which is in CivPro in mid-October.  But for Legal Research and Writing we have 2 major assignments in addition to our final, the first one being the one we just finished.  So everybody has been pretty consumed by that lately, and it’s nice to have it done with.

Other than that, classes and reading for classes have of course kept me busy.  There are also a bunch of student organizations that sound interesting, so I’ve been going to some meetings for those to see which ones I might want to join. I also found a church that I’ve been going to, and meeting friends there, at school, and through other random connections so I’ve been busy testing my name-remembering skills (not quite up to par, but I’m working on it).  Throw in some running and I’ve got a full plate!

Coming up next weekend…I’m doing a negotiations competition for the Alternative Dispute Resolution Board, and also running my first race of the fall, the Navy 5-miler.  So I guess it’ll be a competition weekend, so I’m excited!


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