Posted by: hjelen87 | September 5, 2010

Moses Went to Law School

2 weeks into law school…I’ve survived so far!  Sure, it’s a lot of work, but so far, nothing I can’t handle.  The classes for first year law students are pretty similar regardless of what school you go to.  First semester students at GW take Contracts I, Torts, Civil Procedure I, Criminal Law, and Legal Research and Writing.  We are broken down into sections of about 100, and there are 5 1L (that’s what they call first year law students, for all you non-law students out there) daytime sections.  We take Contracts, Torts, and Criminal with our whole section, and then CivPro (Civil Procedure) is with about 1/3rd of our section, and LRW (Legal Research & Writing) is broken down further, into groups of 12.

I’ve been asked what my favorite class is, and I’m not sure I can pick one just yet.  They all have their positives and negatives.  In criminal law, we have some really interesting discussions about controversial issues.  However, the professor for that class, Butler, is also the most intimidating professor I have.  He is very old-school when it comes to cold calling and the Socratic Method.  So I always have to make sure I’m prepared for that class, because I haven’t been called on yet.

I want to keep these somewhat short so you might actually read them, so I’ll share more about the rest of my classes at some other time.  Right now, though, you may be wondering about the title of this post.  I’m completely immersed in the law in school, and then I was reading the Bible the other day, in Exodus, and started reading about Moses and the law.  It kind of put it in a whole different light reading Biblical law through the lens of law school.  I just found it kind of funny that I would just happen to be in that part in the Bible at the start of law school.  It’s just like the law we read about in our casebooks-there are so many intricacies and exceptions (check out “Personal Injury law” in Exodus 21:12-36).  So Moses was a judge and he had to learn the law pretty well in order to adjudicate disputes between the people, so this part of the Bible is kind of like his law school education!  I felt a sort of kinship with him when I read that.



  1. These verses in Exodus, verse 12 is one of the first verses that God invoked Capital Punishment. Also see Gen 9;6, Lev.24;17, Num 35;30, John 19;11, Acts 25;11, Rom 13 3&4, Mat 26;52. If you’ll notice also in verse 23 & 24 God says to punish a person who kills an unborn baby, with death, just as if the baby was born. But remember that this is the Gov, that God establishes, not personal retaliation.

  2. I always thought you should hold a staff and part waters and stuff…

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