Posted by: hjelen87 | August 29, 2010


I know you are all dying to know just what it takes to get into law school.  Honestly, it’s mostly a numbers game-get the right combination of LSAT score and GPA and you’re golden.  But there is also this little thing called a personal statement, which is just an essay about yourself, why you want to go to law school, why they should let you in, etc.  It’s pretty open-ended for most schools-just write a certain number of words about whatever you think would nudge the admissions committee in the direction of letting you in.  So I thought I’d share mine with you.  Here it is:

It takes me 4 minutes and 58 seconds to run a mile.  That may not seem like much time to the average observer.  However, what they don’t know is that it took me 11 years of dedication, and running 8,183 miles in college alone, to get to the point where I could run a mile in less than five minutes.  Now you may be wondering, “What does this have to do with law school?”  I believe that the qualities that allowed me to break five minutes in the mile will also make me a great law student and lawyer.

It begins with natural talent.  As anyone can attest, not everyone is built to be a runner.  Likewise, not everyone is cut out to be a lawyer.  There are natural intellectual abilities that fit well with law school.  I have been blessed with certain gifts in the academic area that I feel fit well into a career in law, including an ability to think logically and integrate information to fit the situation at hand.  My aptitude for academics, along with the joy that learning brings me, has made school a natural place for me to excel.

However, in law school as in running, natural ability can only take a person so far.  The biggest components beyond that are determination and hard work.  I never had the most natural talent of everyone on my track team, but I worked harder than anyone.  I showed up every day and pushed myself to be the best I could be.  That determination and work ethic spilled over into every other part of my life, including academics.  I recognize the hard work that law school requires and I am excited to step up to the challenge.

In order to have the motivation to work through things that are not always pleasant, one must have a passion for what he or she is doing.  A passion for running allowed me to continue pushing on, even when it hurt.  A passion for learning has motivated me to shine in an academic setting when the work required was not always easy.  Many different aspects of the law interest me, from how it is formed to how it is interpreted and enforced.  Through my undergraduate studies in political science I grew more fascinated with how the law is applied to individual situations.  Reading about different cases and their outcomes intrigued me, and has made me want to get involved in the legal profession.  This joy and passion that I have for the subject of law will help me through the rigors of law school by providing me with a purpose.

Just as these qualities of natural ability, dedication, hard work, and passion helped me to succeed in running, I believe that they will combine to make me a successful law student and lawyer.



  1. Damn Beasley 🙂 What a great personal statement!!! I wish i could share mine, but I lost it in the wonderful world of technology when my laptop crashed… hehe

    I cant totally complain about technology. We are in different sections… but through facebook and your blog I can keep up with you 🙂 Loved the Good Samaritan video and it was great seeing you today Pam Pam!

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